A girl’s plea for freedom

Fawzia Mohammadi is a women’s Rights activist, a poet, and a Judo athlete. Most of her poems are written to advocate for women’s freedom and gender equality in Afghanistan.

فریاد دختر

تا اجل اید برسرم ای نفس

ازپای بیافتم خون شد جیگرام

تابه پای بیافتم از خود خبرام نیست

کودوست کوبرادرکه قران بخوانت برسرم

از خون کفن ام ترشدوازخاک لبم خشک

کومادری دل سوزکه گریه کند بالای سرم

تابوتی مرا جای بلندبگذارید

تاشمال ببرد بوی مرا دروطنم

فرداکه سری قبرم بیاید پدرم

فرداکه سری قبرم بیایدپدرم

فوزیه محمدی

Translation in English

A girl’s plea for her freedom

Until the death reaches my life

I will be paralyzed with a devastated heart

Until I haven’t fallen down, I wouldn’t know about myself

Where is a friend and a brother to read Quran over me

My blood covered my burial shroud and my lips are dry in the dust

Where is my mother to cry with agony for losing me

Put my coffin a higher place

So the wind blows away the essence of my body

When my father visits me on my grave tomorrow

He will scream in pain asking where is my daughter

It would be too late by then

Commentary: The poet is telling her father to grant her her freedom. She is telling him that if he doesn’t do it now, by the time he realizes the gravity of her plea, it would be too late because she will be already buried in her grave. Friba Rezayee