Afghan Women And The Dark Future

Photo credit: Khama Press

Manhaz Aliyar at Sayedul Shahada school in West Kabul. Image source: Max Walker/Aljazeera

Mahnaz Aliyar is recent high school graduate in Kabul Afghanistan. She wants to pursuit her career in journalism. She is a change maker, an advocator for women’s Rights, and a regular writer at Afghan Women Writers’s online community. She uses the power of words to tell the unheard stories of Afghan women.

Whenever I’m busy with my studies, I feel so comfortable, I feel and I know one day I’m going to reach to all my goals and make my dream come true. Everyday, I try more than yesterday to not face any problems and to not stop. Nowadays because of last events that happened in our country, makes me hopeless and upset. I feel that our future is unknown. Every time I became aware of losing more provinces, I became more apprehensive.

The last period of Taliban was a very dark period for all the people, specially for women. On that period the women not only lost their rights but, the Taliban undid all the Afghan women’s gains and achievements. Women managed to to have access to education, have careers, and run for offices, but it was all undone under the Taliban regime. It was gone.

I think it can be a very big disaster upon the return of the Taliban. Not not only the current generation will suffer, but also the next generation will remain uneducated.

Every woman is a mother, a sister and a leader of her family, who can change the destiny of the entire family. When a mother is uneducated, the whole family will be uneducated. Every Afghan women is afraid of going back.

When the peace negotiations started we thought that the Taliban changed and they are not the Taliban who were like before 2002. But when they get more provinces under control recently after the withdrawal of the US troops, they published the new rules for the people. And that’s unacceptable for the women.

Recently I saw a video that it was published from Herat province and the people shared that in the social media, demanding all the women to wear a burqa, and must be accompanied by a male relative when she goes outside. Even, if it only for a grocery shopping.

Nowadays there’s a lot of bad news in our society about Taliban rules. In those provinces that they control they have ordered to the squirearchy to give them the list of those girls who are older than 15 years old, and the name of the widow women who are younger than 45 years old, to marry the Taliban fighters. Me as an Afghan girl, I’m really worried about my future.

I’m not happy because of last events in our country. Because this things are not in our benefits.